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- The Girl in the Gold Dress -

About The Girl in the Gold Dress

Hannah’s Korean name literally means “Gold Dress,” so why doesn’t she want to be seen wearing her gold hanbok dress?

10-year-old Hannah is facing a big performance for her school’s talent show. The trouble is, she’s ashamed of her dress, the dance, even the music - they’re too different, too Korean! What if everyone makes fun of her? Will Hannah be brave enough to perform, or will she run off stage like she did at rehearsal? First, she must learn about the gold dress she’s wearing and its mysterious connection to her name and her family’s past in Korea: starting with a desperate escape from war and a secret wish hidden for decades in an envelope. Can Hannah make that wish finally come true?


In this touching children’s story that spans four generations, a Korean American girl overcomes her embarrassment to step forward with pride and share her culture with others.

“An engaging, accessible narrative of immigration, resilience, and connections between generations.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Christine Paik and her mother Jung Lin Park have created a masterpiece that is serving in honoring Asian American heritage, encouraging multi-cultural acceptance in the United States of America, highlighting the wonder of family connection across generations, and so much more. It’s a book I believe should be read in every household across the country. And I dare you to read it without tearing up.”, Author & Book Blogger

"The Girl in the Gold Dress is a great example for all Asian Americans to relate to. The illustrations [by the author's mom] were beautiful and show the beauty of the vibrant colors of the fabrics and dresses. I hope that Hannah always takes the opportunity to dance in her gold dress and continues to inspire other young girls and boys to be true to who they are."

"The Girl in the Gold Dress by Christine Paik is a story that encourages us to be proud of one's heritage, culture, and where you come from. It is a beautiful mix of family history, fiction, and a legacy of courage, bravery, and pride. I love when passion and inspiration collide to turn dreams into reality. Thank you for creating sharing this precious story with all of us!"

Lisa Wilken, Elementary Principal

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"This powerful story of searching for acceptance while staying true to oneself is a must-read for children and adults alike who find themselves trying to find their way, all while honoring and celebrating the differences of their families' cultures and traditions... a beautiful story spanning generations of love, history, and culture woven together to create a treasure for all readers."

Alison Thompson, Elementary Librarian

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